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Staffing Shark is available on iOS and Android.

Employees and management can utilize the Staffing Shark app for quick access on the go.

The overview screen gives managers a quick look at “today” or any day this week or next. Included are employees who have called out online or in the app, employees who have received approval for time off, locations with an available labor card, and birthdays.

Managers can view a labor card for each location with shifts “today.” This overview will show who is working when and where, while also indicating which employees have called out. Tapping any employee will give more details like break times and shift instructions previously entered by the manager or schedule maker.

Employees have easy access to “today’s” shift on the overview screen: start/end times, location, breaks, and any instructions left by the manager. Staff can also call out if they cannot attend their shift.

The staff profile screen shows employees and managers information about the individual. Convenient buttons allow for communicating directly via phone or email, retrieving information or making changes to the information listed.

Attendance can be monitored within the app. Absences, tardies, and FMLA occurrences (if applicable) are displayed with at-a-glance graphs showing how many attendance units have been used or remain along with a detailed history of the occurrences and any notes associated with the event.

Staff can easily review their current and upcoming schedules. Grouped in a weekly fashion, the schedule view shows time and location for assigned shifts along with any days the employee is off.

The shift view shows all of the details about a particular shift: time and date, location (and sublocation), scheduled breaks (paid and non-paid) along with any notes the manager might have left for the employee.

The manager’s requests view shows employees’ requests for time off grouped by month. Managers can quickly sort between request status: approved, pending and denied.

Making a request for time off is easy, and all employees have access to make new requests and to update pending requests.

Staffing Shark offers a whole lot more than we have shown here.

We also accept feature requests from our clients to build the most useful product.

Get Staffing Shark for your food service operation today!