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Staffing Shark’s scheduling module consists of several powerful sections: Schedules, Requests, Call Outs, and Labor Card. Each section boasts powerful search, sort and filter options so you can quickly and accurately find the information you are after.

The Schedules section allows a user with scheduling privileges to create a schedule, and drag and drop functionality makes moving and copying shifts quick and easy.


Staffing Shark differs from other scheduling software in that you can assign shifts to employees and employees to shifts. This model works well for food service operations that do not need front-of-house servers in a traditional restaurant-style setup.

When devising a schedule, Staffing Shark warns the scheduler if employees can only work on certain days or within certain time periods. Additionally, shifts cannot be assigned to days where the employee has already been granted time off.


Chances are most of your employees work the same shifts each week (given that holidays and special times of the year alter this model). With that in mind, Staffing Shark offers a beautiful duplicate schedule button that allows you to copy all of a schedule’s employees and shifts to another time period so you don’t have to do the setup twice.

And to assist you further, Staffing Shark checks to ensure that an employee has not been granted time off. If so, the shift is not copied and a notice is posted alerting you to the omission so that you can give that employee more hours with another shift or bring in extra help.


Since employees have a rate of pay connected with their profile, Staffing Shark can calculate how much each employee will cost your operation per schedule.

Rates times hours is the simple formula, but Staffing Shark also takes into account paid and non-paid breaks, shift differentials, and target hours per week. Colored and stylized text along with icons help convey meaning for paid and non-paid, increase in hourly rate, and exceeding a targeted amount.

Printable Schedules

Sometimes old school works too, so that’s why Staffing Shark gives you the ability to print schedules in a simplified format. The shift grid details each shift, any manager notes or comments associated with the shift, along with breaks and location/sublocation if applicable.

Call Outs

To help facilitate accurate attendance, Staffing Shark offers a call out module where employees can report that they cannot make their shift for the day due to unforeseen circumstances. Managers have the ability to see all call outs for any given day on one screen.

Managers have the ability to see all call outs for any given day on one screen. Additionally, a monthly view is provided to better see the density on certain days of the week or across multiple days at once.

Requests for Time Off

Whether your employees’ requests for time off are approved by unit managers or by central office personnel, Staffing Shark makes getting everyone on the same page easy.

Employees make a request for time off for a specific date range and provide a reason for the request. Upon submission, the request is placed in a “pending” state until a manager can approve it. Managers overseeing the location where this employee works get a notice of this request and can quickly approve or deny the request. Finally, the employee is notified and cannot make another request for any days during that time span as a safeguard.

Blockout Requests

There may be times when you need to be fully staffed. With the request blockout functionality, you can set aside certain blocks of time when staff cannot make a request for time off. Any requests crossing into this time period (beginning or ending) or passing fully across it will be denied.

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